Thursday, February 13, 2014

*Picture Perfect...Bokeh Challenge*

hi everyone!
I know I know...
I keep getting worse and worse about posting.
Sorry - I just got so busy here at home cleaning/purging/redoing a little
bit in my scrap room I have BARELY even touched my computer this last week!

Anyway - will get better because I still have SO MUCH to show you.
Like all the way back in December stuff to show! What's gotten into me, I know.

Hope you like todays post!

It's all about "beautiful bokeh's" over at the Scrapbook Circle blog today.
I've got this layout of my darling son up:


Isn't he delightful? I love this kid. He's got NO idea. NONE. How much
I love him. How proud I am (WE!) of him. He's almost done with school
- in fact...he's graduating this year! He's madly in love, he's even talking...
MARRIAGE. WHAT?! Where'd my baby go? He grew up...I know.
He will be 22 in a few months. CRAZY. Like...the cray cray kind.

Anyways..enough about my darling son -
because I could go ON and ON and ON about him.
(well if you have a week, I could go on and on about BOTH of my
darling children. Savannah...she's my gem.)

Here's the post over at the Scrapbook Circle blog:
Have a great day...back soon, promise!