Thursday, February 6, 2014

*Got Messy with Flair!*

hey everyone, happy Thursday.
the weekend is almost here!
I meant to post this yesterday but had to
go get some unexpected dental work done (blah!)
and was just out of it the entire day...

so here you have it today,
my post about "getting messy with flair".

(to see the entire post, just go to the link above)

I had fun with these 2 layouts.
Mixing old product with new on both...
as well as lots of mediums (paint, inks, mists...)

here's some closer shots.

Go fast to the A Flair For Buttons Etsy shop!
Have fun shopping!
I'll be back soon!
it's snowing here in Texas today and I need to go
get some pics! This never (well rarely) happens.

have a great one!